Jan 2, 2014


The BLJAofE has been accepted as a bona fide good cause by the Easyfundraising Scheme.

Organisations can raise funds by using the Easyfundraising website to log into retailers' sites when ordering online. When ordering from one of the 2700 retailers registered under the Easyfundraising scheme an agreed percentage of the order price will be donated to the Association. As an example an order from Amazon will provide a donation of up to 2.5%.  In addition, just by logging into Google through the Easyfundraising website every login will result in a donation of a halfpenny to the Association.

To help our cause please log into the Easyfundraising website by clicking into the following website:

We realise it means members always have to remember the extra click of the mouse, but the Association will be grateful to all of you who can play a part in increasing our funds with relatively little effort.

Article by: Anne Morden
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