Invitations to Line Judge

The Association receives numerous invitations to provide line judges, both at home and abroad. Most notably our Members (who take priority in terms of receiving invitations) provide the majority of line judges at the All England Badminton Championships in Birmingham, which is now a Badminton World Federation (BWF) Premier Super Series event. Our Members also make up the majority of the line judge complement at the English National Championships in Manchester each year. In addition, we supply numerous more minor events.

In 2011 the World Championships took place at Wembley Arena, which was a test event for the Olympics. For this, and the Olympic Games 2012, the Association’s Members constituted the majority of the line judges officiating at the events.

Our Members have attended all the major tournaments over the last 30 years, including the Olympics, World Championships, Thomas and Uber Cups, the Sudirman Cup and the Commonwealth Games. The Association now provides eight members for BWF’s prestigious International Line Judges Organisation; England is the second highest provider of ILJs in the world.

Each season the Association receives invitations from a number of other UK and overseas countries requesting line judges for their events. These normally include the Denmark Premier Super Series Tournament, the Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, Belgian, Norwegian, Austrian, Italian and Cyprus International or Open tournaments as well as European team events. In a normal season up to 40 overseas line judge places are filled by the Association.

Trainee Opportunities

The Association provides regular training courses with a view to progressing successful candidates from minor to major events. In addition to major international events, the Association supplies line judges to many national events including the English Nationals, the UK School Games and Senior Diamond events. Many of the line judges attending these events came from the training programme.

Our Overseas Links

The Association continues to maintain its links and good relations with national associations of member countries of Badminton Europe. This has been of benefit in enabling our members to receive invitations to work overseas and to gain valuable experience at important events.

New Invitations

Information about all new invitations and opportunities will be placed on the News page but selections will be made solely from the Association’s Membership and will be constrained, amongst other criteria, by available places. If you are a Member and are interested in receiving invitations to tournaments, whether at home or abroad, please use the Contact Form to send an expression of interest.

Insurance Cover

BADMINTON England supports the invitations to those court officials who are invited to officiate at European and International Events. BADMINTON England has confirmed that Members of the Association are covered and protected by BADMINTON England’s Public Liability insurance policy whilst on court in carrying out their official duties. Members should, however, note that the Liability policy does not provide any off-court or travel insurance cover and this should be arranged separately.

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